Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bring the future to the web! (Win A Book Apart)

I have recently ordered (with a friend) a couple of copies of the recently released CSS3 FOR WEB DESIGNERS from the very fine «A Book Apart» which is, so to speak, the editorial wing of one of my favourite web tech and philosophy webs: A List Apart (If you aren’t already suscribed to it you should!).
There was a mistake with the delivery, and we received a copy of HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS instead of the second CSS3 we had asled for.
We took pics of the just opened packaging and emailed A Book Apart support who were super fast and so kind so send us the missing book via express mail an let us keep the missshiped (is that even a word?) item.
So we feel compelled to make sure it gets to the right hands and be grateful at the same time so we have decided to give it away in an appropiately geeky way.

From now on, until Thu Jan 06 00:00:00 +0100 2011 any tweet including the text will be eligible to win the Book.

  • You must be following @oinak as to be contacted by DM to agree shiping details.
  • You must live in Spain (wherein I will pay the postage) or pay for the extra mailing yourself.
  • Tweet must say something nice about HTML5, A Book Apart, A List Apart or about @oinak ;-)
  • If winner fails to comply with any of the requirements I will choose another, same method.

Easy peasy, ladies and gentlemen: ready, steady, GO!