Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pedal like a hacker

If you feel like or want to become a hacker, in the good sense (someone who makes things work beyond perceived limits in a clever way), here is a free tip for you, here it goes:

Own, ride and repair your own bike
Conor Malibu

Here are some quick reasons
  • It is a simple mechanism to learn and comprehend 
  • All componentes are at plain sight 
  • Every part is replaceable and/or easy to modify or repair 

It is in the spirit of the Craftmanship and helps you tou conceive the workings of a system composed of multiple parts, yet simple enough to keep it in mind and to not become a burden. Do you remember the ‘Know and maintain your own tool’, your programming language/framework does not have anything to do with wheels, brakes, pumps etc. but it DOES have to do with parts interacting, with standards that allow a part to be replaced, with tuning to one’s needs for improving performance and so on.

In case you don’t see my philosophical point…

Here are some not hackerdom related reasons
  • It’s healthier to cycle-commute if you can 
  • and cheaper 
  • and greener
I love cycling to work sign and traffic jam
The sign reads: ‘I love cycling to work’ over Madrid’s every morning traffic jam.
Lame excuses you shouldn’t be making any more and the reasons you shoundn’t 
I will be late to work
I pedal about 20km (12.42 miles) round trip every day to work in a sloppy city like Madrid and I still win my car-driving friend on a similar distance by some minutes. 
I will stink
Slower pace, deodorant, soap, a towel and extra clothes, modern miracles that fit in a back pack 
I don’t know how to repair a bike
Come on! 
I am afraid of the traffic
Then ride in a safe way 
My work place is too far away
Combine a foldable bike with public transport 
My work is too close/I telecommute
Pedal during part of the two hours you aren’t driving to work ;-)