Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Days away from telecommute

I am going to work from home!
"WorkShifting" by Citrix Oniline (flickr)
Just as I did as an experiment on August, and for three days each week.
This is quite a milestone, not just for the comfort and the fuel save.
Spain is a place known for people avoiding work, bosses that keep you endless hours in which you try to work the least, and other office roguedom (is that even a word?) stories. This is an old and sad image, but it has deep roots into our national idiosyncrasy. Work is not usually measured nor paid by achievements, but for time spent. It is a bad message tha leads to horrendous results.
I consider that developing the trust relation with your employer that allows you to do your thing out of their sight is the first step in the path of not being stopclocked while you work. I would like to (and hope to someday) work in a purely goal-targeted manner. Code is not sausages, you don’t always get as much done in the same amount of time. This is not a new thing, freelancers know it well, however they pay a high price (‘free’ as in “no one gives a shit if you end up broke”) for that freedom.