Thursday, April 19, 2012

Railsberry is awesome, but...

The first day of RailsBerry came and went. It was really awesome for the most of it but find it difficult to concentrate on the awesome part throught the fact tha wi-fi was crappy for most of the people and non-existant for me.

It is very sad to be in such a social and real-time event as a conferente and not be able to share your thoughts, read what others say on twitter, and so on.

The little details that make a conference great are there, it has good speakers, original and lovecrafted image and theme, unlimited coffee, parties, food, coke, whatever.

It is not that you need bo be online to attend an event, but I have get used to it (damn you android for making a yunkie of me).

Some time from now I may only remember the talks, the zebra unicorn, the vuvuzelas lighning talks, the guy showing Arnold Schwartzenegger (however that goes) as a role model... But for now I bear with the frustration of have to go back to the hotel to be able to throw mi thoughts to the internet. (What is this 19th century journalism?)

Don't get me wrong, talks were awesome, staff has been most nice, and the overall impression would have been über proffesional compared to other events I have attended or organized BUT the crowdy offlineniness spoiled the whole.

They asked on the blog if they shoud make it bigger when I already had a ticked, and I said yes, because I did not like to have people left behind, even when I'm in. I regret, 300+ peolple on a not enough appropiate space makes it horrible in terms of doors, toilets, food wait line, corridors and so on.

So far for the rant... it is a wonderful event, the overall is positive and I would congratulate the staff for all the things they got right which were most and most important: content and presentation.

Ckeck for the rest of the pictures.

Some video fancyness: