Sunday, April 22, 2012


The second day of Railsberry came and exploded in all its glory. The concerns I had the first day, mainly about the dimension vanished as the event fitted in place.

This second day was crazy and amazing. Linda Liukas talk about Rails Girls project and Xavier Noria's talk about Rails Contributors were both really touching and remembered me about how special is this communnity.

Yehuda Katz gave a very interesting speech about different kinds of unknowns and how the framework should take care about them to leave the developer the creative part of the task. With it he deffended Rails versus suposedly faster or lighter approaches.

Josh Kalderimis talked about crowdfunding experience with Travis-CI in yet another example of people giving away just to makes others' lives better.

Aaron Patterson gave a hug to everybody before he start talking about his homemade pepperoni curating device which finally was an elaborated fable about the tight coupling.

Spanish attendees al railsberry