Monday, July 9, 2012

Surviving Spainjs

It's over

I tought I wouldn't make it through Spain js. I had been organizing events before, namely, the last two editions of Conferencia Rails, but this time it was really hard.

Two of the senior members of the organization had moved to Germany, and another became father just weeks before the event, so this year the volunteers were fewer and newer (on average).

Flyers were late, t-shirt providers were problematic, the network provider betrayed us, food for 200 had to be carried hundreds of meters by hand among 4 of us... and some people fell the need to troll the organisation despite they were generaly liking the event.

On the other hand, sponsors were easier to find, and attendance was larger than the Rails conference, mainly because of Javascript beeing a quite more mainstream technology.

My opinion tha event organizing is not for the faint of heart just got confirmed. It is a thrilling experience, both in the good (emotion) and the bad (heartstroke) senses.

Anyway, it has been a wonderful opprtunity to come out of my so-called confort zone, and dive, head first, into the world of interface design and user interaction, and out of my backend-and-obscure-business-logic cave.

Talks were, according to our effort and aims, really interesting and varied in focus, style and depth, giving everyone in the public to really like some of them. The excellent work of the team was fruitful and twitter flooded with quite positive feedback. Most people who were expresed their intention go be there next year, and those who weren't regreted about it.

In case you weren't there, shame on you!, if you were, I hope you liked it, and I hope that you join Aprodeweb for the next adventure if you think you know how to do better, you know, and share the  hailstorm next time.