Friday, May 17, 2013

Further into the G

A few days ago I received a token of my increasing commitment with Google services and ecosystem, this is, my shiny new nexus 4. One could think that after the announcement of Reader dismissal, I ,that was a fierce fan, I would be cautious to step deeper in such unpredictable waters... That this fine piece of technology isn't anything but a golden link of a malevolent and already dangerously long chain aiming to entangle my entire digital life.

The fact is that I like Google stuff a lot, and that I am conscious that any of it is free, you just don't pay in money, you pay with time, attention, or otherwise becoming the product sold yourself. And knowing that, I choose to pay that price many of the times when they do it right, like android and chrome, while nevertheless I call out when they suck hard, like picasa and sketchup for Linux.

Anyway, you are not here for my rant. If you are, go get it checked, it's serious. You are probably here for the technocandy. So there you go: first week impressions

Screen: awesome, crisp, sharp, quite good under almost any light conditions, better finger sliding over the virtual keyboard

Size: a bit too handful, and the bumper makes it just a bit worse, take into account that I have by no means small hands.

Battery: better my previous unit (HTC desire), still not enough to use without caution and juice defender.

Cameras: very good, radial menu is interesting and unobtrusive, front facing makes hangouts relevant at last, I have yet to try the composing options

Storage: very satisfied with the 16gb, it feels like you can install apps just to try them without worries.

Software: snappy, elegant, with a feeling of modernity android 4 shines, the absence of carrier of manufacturer crapware helps.

I hope you liked, my overall feeling is very positive, but I might be under the effects of the"new toy syndrome" yet. Maybe I can come back in a couple of months and give it another go.