Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adventure Time

Last month I jumped onto a new challenge. I have entered the ranks of We Are People Engineering. It is a (for now) small code-shop in Madrid which values and views I have find myself significantly aligned with.

A year ago I did another jump in the void when I embarked Avature, leaving behind among other things ruby and backend development, which had been my specialities for the last lustrum and more.

This new course change obeys not to regret on that decision but to a deeper understanding of what I like and find important in the craft.

I value every day I have spent outside of my comfort zone, every challenge to my beliefs, every proof that my old ways where not the only ones... It has been enlightening as only living abroad and learning a different language can be. But one can get homesick abroad.

Many Spanish companies that I know of have a lot to learn form Avature about how they treat people. Their approach to onboarding and team building is more human and peer-like than anything I saw before. That, much more than the very decent salary, is the reason I pursued this journey to strangeland so far. That and the very good company from the Madrid team (kudos to you all, pals).

This are not easy things to leave behind, and thus I did not so lightly. My current affair is one of meaningful comprehension of a shared core of values. I walk away from a lot of good things because I think my contributions will be more meaningful to WeArePeople, and I hope to the community.

Change is what life is made of, may you all live interesting times.