Saturday, November 22, 2014

Surviving zombie apocalypses for fun an profit

Another Codemotion came and went. All in all it wasn't bad, considering its dimension and organizational challenges.

As a former international event volunteer organizer, I find myself in deep empathy with the enormous achievement of making this happen. Near 2000 people, 8 tracks, 2 days...

On the other hand, as a conference attendee, I have suffered the price of some of those numbers.

The size

It's too big, corridors and talk-rooms get unevenly crowded, and you loose interesting talks because they get full.

The food you can offer to 2K people does not leave much place for excellence, and there was even some twitter trolling related to this, I will just say it was dull and felt cheap.

It is impossible for any crew to reasonably choose technically relevant talks of such diverse branches, so they delegate in the local communities with mixed results, there is not an uniform quality level in the contents, nor in the delivery.

The venue

I have no opinion on San Pablo CEU as an educational institution, I just don't appreciate religious indoctrination mixed with my tech talks, they every right to mix it into education as long as it is a private educational institution, and students or parents choose freely to attend it.

I do no appreciate either having to take the car to go a place wrongly mapped by popular GPS software that non one in the crew tried before recommending.

I find id a bad choice, horribly far from down-town for locals, and even worse for attendees coming from other provinces that had to search for accommodation in Madrid and suffer a weirdest commute to get there.

Rooms where crowded on the most popular tracks, which is very difficult to avoid when you go for 8-tracks, which is one of the reasons you shouldn't.

The talks

I was quite lucky and saw a good deal of decent talks. But I lost two I wanted to go because of full rooms, even after seeing people sitting in the ground during several talks from the first day.

Special mentions to @serabe@arctarus @carlossanchezp, @alvaro_sanchez@olmaygti@jorgeleria@vianasw, @chemaalonso, @david_bonilla whose talks I liked specialy.

David Bonilla's talk and call to action deserves a post on their own, but there will be many and probably better than the one I would do, so I will try to transform that energy on deeds instead of more words.

Thanks to my really nice employer for my free day :-)

If you want to see the slides of any of them, just help yourself: